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Our Origin Story

Where to begin? Updot isn’t just a brand or a firm, it’s a result that derived from the combined efforts of two entrepreneurs.

Updot is a Bangalore-based digital solutions agency striving to the best of its abilities to provide a top-notch digital experience to its clients.

Unlike most startups, Updot had very humble beginnings. It was during the 2020 COVID lockdown that the agency was born. Both Athul Madhusoodanan and Hrithik Unnikrishnan were running two different firms back then. It wasn’t until September 2020 that two old friends decided to finally join hands and hence, the new age digital agency came into being.

From then, it has been a rollercoaster of a ride for the entire team. As they very often say, the story has just begun.

Our Values


User centric

We put our clients at the center of everything we do. We are dedicated to providing a smooth and seamless digital experience for our clients because that’s what makes sure you get those invoices cleared on time.


Building for the future

The aim is to create long-term digital solutions for our stakeholders, else there wouldn’t be a point in hiring us at all, right?. We act with a purpose and we definitely are aware of what’s ticking.



Everything’s fair and square at Updot, even more than a transparent glass.. Open ethical business has always been our priority because if you can’t provide one, there is no reason to expect one back as well.


Attention to Detail

We constantly push ourselves to be the best! It wouldn’t really be fun if we weren't being honest.


World class operating standards

We promise top-grade quality in our work and persistently deliver optimal service because that is what we’d expect when we pay up a large sum of money.


Delivering on Time

We take utmost care in prompt delivery of the project. Every project is delivered with quality on time, every time because let’s face it, no one loves lagging behind.

Key Stats


Year of 2020




Global Locations


Office that overlooks our peers throughout the world.


Hritik Unnikrishnan

Hritik Unnikrishnan

CEO and Co-Founder

Athul Madhusoodanan

Athul Madhusoodanan

MD and Co-Founder

Our Team

Abil Jayan

Abil Jayan

Accounts Manager

Neha J Prakash

Neha J Prakash

Head of Communications

Shiju Shaji

Shiju Shaji

Director of Web Development

Karthik Ramanan

Karthik Ramanan

Director of Mobile App Development

Zaamoodri Suresh

Zaamoodri Suresh

Director of Creative Design

Crafting exceptional experiences through design and development

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