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Adobe XD vs Figma

Choosing between Adobe XD and Figma has been a befogging process for every UI/UX professional for quite some time now. Although both the software are significantly different in their interface and design, it is pretty difficult to choose a tool for long time use.Test Test

In the present world, a good user-interface/experience is a crucial digital asset for any brand. Adobe XD and Figma are two of the biggest names in this segment. 

Both these softwares have faired well against each other. However, the question still remains; what is the best pick for you? Let's find out. 

Adobe - The Undeniable King?

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Adobe XD is a very popular vector-based designing tool. Known for its easy and flexible wireframing, it is an excellent choice for simple and powerful interactions.

Being a baby of Adobe Inc, it is well integrated with the rest of the Adobe creative suite and the users can also experience remarkable community support.

Adobe XD scores point when it comes to website mock-ups. The tool also comes with a considerable amount of plug-ins and automatic animation. The software is light and fast and is available for macOS and Windows. The best thing about XD is that it offers a basic introductory tutorial to beginners.

The interface is simple and clean. The software is an absolute yes for designers as it facilitates prototyping. Who would say no to code-free mock-ups?

The software is light and fast and is available for macOS and Windows. The best thing about XD is that it offers a basic introductory tutorial to beginners

Being all that said, Adobe XD fails in third-party plug-ins and real-time collaborations. Although there is a free trial version available, the features they provide in it are very limited

The tool also lacks HTML export features and motion gifs. Horizontal scrolling is also missing in the tool. Users find the constant crashing and the application bugs annoying.

Figma - The King Slayer?

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Figma is a new, yet well-liked design tool among the developers. What makes Figma in demand is that the software outshines the other alternatives in all the ways possible. Figma is a cloud software, with an auto-save facility so that the users need not download, install and continually update a separate software for designing.

The ruling factor why designers choose Figma over the other tools is that the app permits real-time collaborations. This helps in quick verifications and minimizes errors. Another add-on is memory management through which the users have easy and fast access to resources.

Figma is a mile ahead in the prototype tool race. The prototyping Figma provides is quite interactive and user-friendly. Auto layouts are an additional attraction to Figma. Figma surpasses Adobe XD by offering the users a free version with all the features. The interface is fluid fast and simple so the users can effortlessly find whatever they want.

The tool comes with access to a wide range of plug-ins at your fingertips. Another supplemental advantage of Figma is that it runs on Windows, Mac, Linux as well as Chromebooks. Figma is that one tool that you can rely upon if you are in need of consistent designs.

All things considered, Figma still has some quirks that are hard to adjust. More attention to jams sessions and PDF export can be a huge win for the community.

As it is web-based software, speed and loading times might be an issue for larger files. Keeping track of changes is very difficult in Figma as the version control is almost non-existent. Still and all, Figma is a go-to tool for designers.

The Final Call

It is quite evident that Adobe XD and Figma, both have their own advantages and shortcomings. You can’t go wrong with either of the tools if you’re a user interface designer. Now that the question is regarding which of the two is better. Simply put, the effectiveness of the tool depends on the person using it. If you are a beginner in the field of designing, unshakeably Figma is the best option in front of you.

You get to use all the features for free that you will have to pay for otherwise on any other tool. Also, as already mentioned, Figma is user-friendly and has a very simple interface so that learning becomes much easier. On the other hand, if you are a pro in the field, looking for boundaries to explore, you can confidently go for Adobe XD where you can experience good community support.

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