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Top 10 Web Design Trends To Follow Today

We’re not overstating it when we say a good website design is critical for the growth of your business. A good website design is not just exclusive to being visually appealing and impressing the users. It’s one amongst the most important factors that determine the browsing experience of the website.

Consider the bounce rate of your website once in a while. And if you have a high bounce rate, it’s high time to think about redesigning your website. Join us as we study the top web design and development trends most likely to rule the world of web designing in India.


Horizontal scrolling

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In contrast to the conventional vertical navigation, horizontal scrolling can make a website attractive and memorable. This page design is suitable for websites with a lot of visual content.

Moreover, web designs which facilitate horizontal scrolling provides a more conducive flow to storytelling and works well with oversized typography.


Contrast colours

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Colour is a tricky subject, and the design considerations with respect to the choice of colours can make the difference between a site that pops or flops.

If you are designing something like an e-commerce website, one key point that you should always keep in your mind is the color accessibility. To create the best website design, it is essential that the colour contrast ratios pass the test.


Black and White Colour Scheme

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Black and White colour schemes are truly timeless. They can showcase projects and products on webpages in a simple, yet an innovative way. It can make your website look a lot more sleek and professional. There are a significant number of website award winning designs from which you can draw web design inspirations from, if you’re opting for this colour scheme.


3D design elements

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Although the initial hype of using 3D elements has died down recently, 3D elements are still impressive in crafting a great web experience. Modern website designs integrated with the best 3D elements are more inspiring and engaging than the regular, flat 2D design.

When we take a closer look, we cannot deny the existence of layered effects in the best website designs. Layers can contain any HTML element that a page can contain.


App like experience

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A web design that feels similar to an app is all the time considered better over an ordinary and regular design. Web design trends show that a web design which provides the user with an app like experience with vibrant colours, full screen images, catchy resources, and a clear UI design will definitely add to the growth of a business.


One page designs

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Single page designs are a perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. Developing a one page design may seem to be a difficult task for web developers. But when executed properly, these designs can attest a flawless user experience.


Abstract Illustrations

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The abstract art trend works beautifully for website layouts, serving as a versatile backdrop for text and even photos. They bring visual interest to website designs and is apt for websites that might be lacking a little something.


Oversized typography

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Large typography is a noted feature amongst the best website designs in India. Oversized typefaces are extravagant and attention-grabbing. They create a wow factor and adds to the uniqueness of the website.


Gender-neutral designs

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Inclusive designs breaking the conventional web design rules are gaining popularity lately among the best web designs of Bangalore. A good web designing company should always be mindful about avoiding gender-stereotyped ideas, language and resources in the design.


Split-Screen aesthetics

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A split-screen aesthetic design can be good for a number of reasons including mobile responsiveness user-friendliness. They prove helpful in establishing a distinct visual flow. Split-screens are easy to work in animations and graphic design and can be good choice for responsive frameworks.

Website designs are vital for conversions. With an evolving scope for web designing and increasing demands for web designing jobs, a good web designer should always try to keep up with trends in the field.

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