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Top 5 Plugins For Figma

Plug-ins are very utile when it comes to web development. The extensions facilitate the addition of new functions without modifying the host program. Plug-ins are an actual boon to modern developers as they save a considerable amount of time and are highly reliable.

Figma is a web-based designing tool that gained popularity amongst developers within no time. Although primarily web-based, Figma also has additional offline features making it more flexible and dependable.

The web-based software is a first-class solution for interface designing and has options ranging from a big assortment of templates, icons, tools, and plugins make it even better.

The plugins and other resources for Figma are continuously uploaded and updated in the Figma community so that the users of the software have easy and convenient access to the previously developed resources.

The top five plugins used in Figma are:

Unsplash is the most commonly used plugin in Figma. This plugin allows users to insert images to their design at ease. A Figma user can either insert image from an already existing stock of a million images or can also insert a random image of their choice. A visually appealing design has higher chances of client acceptance. And when it comes to an eye-pleasing design, Unsplash does the work for you.

Color palette is yet another plugin that comes to your help in making visually appealing designs. Using Color Palettes for Figma, one can search their needed palette number or colour code from Color Palettes plugin and apply it to the design and make it impressive.

Animations are easy- breezy with Figmotion for Figma. Figmotion is an animation tool built-in Figma which makes basic and beginner-level animations easy. The plugin makes animation trouble-free as there is no need to switch to a completely different motion tool.

Logo creator provides access to awesome logos for your new project at your fingertips. All you need to do is to browse for your desired logo in the prebuild stock of logos. One may even craft a logo by choosing from a variety of shapes and components.

Able is highly useful when it comes to comparing the contrast between two layers. It aids in adding color contrast and color blindness to the workflow with little effort possible. The comparison of contrasts is done automatically as soon as we open the plug-in. It is also possible to simulate a variety of color blindness on the selected layers in the preview.

The other useful and highly efficient plugins for Figma include Content reel, Iconify, LilGrid, and Table paste. Content reel pulls content into the design while Iconify provides around 40000 pre-produced icons to choose from. If LilGrid helps in cleaning up the app interface, Table paste exports data from Excel sheets.

Altogether, it goes without saying that Figma is one of the most recommended tools for designing. And with a variety of plugin options Figma provides, designing is as easy as ABC.

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