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Hyundai is one of the leaders in the automobile industry and is one of

the largest car manufacturers in the world, holding the position of pioneer for
the past 54 years.
Our goal with Hyundai was to design an iPad app that could give a 3D visual
demonstaration of the different cars to the people interested in amking a purchase. By
foing so we could give the group a competitive edge over other options available in
the market.
We also designed an efficient marketing campaign along with the app that mirrors
their leadership and innovation in the industry. The coherent campaign led by the
Updot team resulted in tremendous boost in their sales.
We also introduced and out and out iPad app for Hyundai Motors Group as part of the
World Expo 2020 to allow them to outpace the competition in modernizing products
and services with cutting edge tech.


  • 01

    Creating a campaign that would be highly efficient in showing Hyundai’s innovation

  • 02

    Ideating an iPad app that would meet specific requirements

  • 03

    Creating 3D visual demonstatrations of different cars

  • 04

    Showing sales boost through the marketing campaign

  • Process

    Understanding the needs and requirements for the iPad app and the strategy to create it
    Developing the app using Unity and tools like Photoshop and Illustrator to bring the plan to life
    Getting feedback and providing results for the marketing campaign


  • A competitive edge against others in the market

  • An interactive app that pushes possible clientele towards a final decision

  • Creating tremendous results from the marketing campaigns we ran

  • Reflecting Hyundai’s innovation with an impressive app that was built with long term vision to integrate future trends

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