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Taiba is a leading healthcare marketing, distribution and retail pharmacy group in GCC. They’re renowned in the field of marketing and distribution of medications for specific rare and niche diseases. Our team at Updot worked with Taiba to create a website that is modern, sleek, and functional. The team delivered a modish website that was efficient and seamless while still retaining the brand’s overall feeling and beliefs. We were able to design and develop the website with particular focus on ensuring that the services they intended for are working smoothly and quickly. The website meets not only their current requirements but also creates the possibility of future expansion.


  • 01

    Creating a website that meets all of Taiba’s needs and requirements

  • 02

    Ensuring that the website provides the necessary “feel” factory

  • 03

    Leaving scope for expansion in the future for long term success

  • 04

    Reflecting brand values and beliefs through design

  • Process

    Talking with the team at Taiba and understanding their needs for the website and coming up with a plan
    Executing the plan and checking at each step of the way for results and better methods
    Providing results and gaining feedback to perfect our craft


  • A website that reflects Taiba’s beliefs and values

  • Specific focus on smooth services on the website

  • A robust site that can be expanded in the future

  • Great rapport with Taiba’s team in all communications

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